Fragrance World Star Men Nebula for Men EDP 100ml

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  • Berat: 500 gram
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  • Star Men Nebula’s Woody Fragrance for men is inspired by A*men Pure Malt. A reinterpretation of the original Star Men, with an accent on coffee aromas and a fine developed perfume for men. Star Men Nebula is a pleasant smell for your taste on your special occasion
  • The classy piece of scent contains a tope note of fruity and citrus notes and the fragrance envelopes the user in its whisky and smokey, woody-spicy aromas which makes true men feel confident, elegant and rich. the base notes of smoky, ambery and musky notes is specially designed as a perfect perfume gift for men of class.
  • For a long-lasting scent, apply the Star Men perfumes to clean dry skin. Layer a couple of The Healthy Fragrances to create a unique, signature amber woody scent.